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Huge Improvements to our Premier+MLS Package

Posted by Bobby DeHaye on September 26, 2016

Here’s What We’re Doing to Create the Best For Sale By Owner Advertising and MLS Listing Service Possible

At ListedItMyself.com, we strive to provide the absolute best combination of value and exposure for our customers so they will have the best chances of selling their home themselves and save thousands of dollars in traditional real estate commissions.  We have helped our customers collectively sell tens of millions of dollars worth of homes and save millions in commissions.  But that’s not good enough…one of our core values is that we are dedicated to constant improvement in every aspect of our business….if something isn’t working, we fix it!

In the vein of Constant Improvement, we have taken control of the MLS portion of our service so we can make sure our customers, potential buyers, and buyers’ agents are getting the most out of our service.  We have listened to the people, and today, we very proudly announce the formation of a new brokerage, ListedItMyself.com Real Estate Group, and the ListedItMyself.com Real Estate Group Network.

Under ListedItMyself.com Real Estate Group, we have partnered with long-time real estate broker Kellie Gragg to handle all of the needs of our customers both in the Huntsville and surrounding areas, as well as in the Birmingham and surrounding areas.  Kellie is very personable, professional, and ready to help with the flow of information so we can continue to help our customers get their home sold!

Moving forward, people that use our MLS listing package (Premier+MLS) in the Huntsville and surrounding areas, will have their home placed on the North Alabama MLS through ListedItMyself.com Real Estate Group.  For customers using our service in the Birmingham and surround areas, your home will be listed on Greater Alabama MLS through our network brokerage, (it’s also Kellie’s full-service brokerage), Legacy Home Realty.

Through ListedItMyself.com Real Estate Group or Legacy Home Realty, we are going to work hard to help you get your home sold, and we really look forward to the positive improvement this change is going to make to our customers and everyone else involved in the process!  This is another example of why ListedItMyself.com is the best For Sale By Owner advertising service in Alabama, and the best MLS listing option for folks in Huntsville and surrounding areas, and Birmingham and surrounding areas.  If you have a home to sell, sell it yourself!!!  You can do it, and we’d love to help!

2 thoughts on “Huge Improvements to our Premier+MLS Package

  • tmsteacherz@gmail.com
    on February 22, 2017

    Will I be able to review the ad before it’s published? And how do I find out about you taking photos of my house, the yard sign, the flyers etc?

    • Brandon Harder
      on February 23, 2017

      Yes, you can review, make edits, etc both before and after you publish your listing. We will personally contact you to schedule the photo session at your convenience. When we arrive for the photo session, we will also deliver your signs. Once the photos are uploaded to your listing, you can choose which photos you want on the flyer and order flyers from us or print them at home yourself.

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