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Create Your Listing

So, you’re ready to start your listing and turn your “For Sale By Owner” home into “Sold By Owner”…That’s awesome!!!

Here are your next steps…

First, you will need to register.  On a computer or large tablet, in the top right corner, press the “Login / Register” link.  From a mobile device, you will press on the gear-looking do-dad in the top right corner.

Once you register, you will be taken to the “My Profile” page.  There, you will want to provide the contact information you would like to share with the public.  Once you are complete with your contact info, save your profile changes.

After you have provided your profile information, press the “Add New Property” link.  That will open the “Listing Wizard”.  The Listing Wizard is where you will provide information about your home.  In order to publish the listing, at a minimum the “Listing Location”, “Categories / Status” and “Listing Details” sections need to be filled out completely.  You can skip “Property Description” sections until later.

Once you have provided the required information, press the “Submit Property” button at the bottom.  That will save your listing information and take you to your “My Properties” page.  There, you will confirm which package you want and you will press the “Pay and Publish” button.  That will carry you to the PayPal checkout (no PayPal account required), where you will be able to use credit / debit cards or your PayPal account.  Once payment is made, your listing is published and the wheels start turning on sign orders and photo shoot scheduling.

If you have any questions as you work through the process please CONTACT US.

Thanks from the Team!