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Legal Disclaimer and Notice of Copyright Protection

Legal Disclaimer:

“Listed It Myself” or “” is a registered trademark of Listed It Myself, LLC.

The website, is a real estate advertisement platform for individuals selling their homes by Owner. All information pertaining to the properties listed on this site have been provided by sellers, and is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be verified between the buyer and seller. Neither Listed It Myself, LLC nor its website is a real estate agency or brokerage and is not liable or responsible for any errors, omissions, or misinformation provided by buyers or sellers.

Payments made through are for online advertising of a home being sold by owner.  In the event a customer selects the Premier+MLS package, the MLS listing will be provided by Real Estate Group, LLC..  If the home is posted to the MLS and a buyer’s agent is involved, the seller agrees to pay the MLS listing brokerage as compensation for their services, a commission of 0.5% for performing state defined minimum services.  This payment is not made to Listed It Myself, LLC, or through the website, and is paid at closing when the sale closes. Real Estate Group, LLC is a real estate brokerage and is not owned by Listed It Myself, LLC. is a website operated by Listed It Myself, LLC, and is not operated by Real Estate Group, LLC. Real Estate Group, LLC, uses “” through a license agreement with Listed It Myself, LLC, and is in no way related to the function or operation of the website


Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of our business as an online advertisement company, as soon as a home is published to our website, it is available for view to the entire worldwide web and our our online advertising service has been delivered.  In addition, as soon as you checkout, the sign order gets placed.  Because of that, there are no full refunds if you change your mind and want to cancel.  In the event you change your mind and cancel your listing before the photo shoot has taken place, there is a maximum refund of $150.


Copyright Notice:

All photographs taken by Listed It Myself, LLC representatives are property of Listed It Myself, LLC.  Our Premier and Premier+MLS packages include a one-time use license of our photographs for use on and by the broker listing the home on the MLS.  Listed It Myself, LLC, retains copyright to all photos and videos created during the listing process.  Use of copyrighted photos and videos by others (including property sellers) without express written consent by Listed It Myself, LLC, is strictly prohibited. In addition, From time to time photos and videos of customers’ homes may be used for promotional purposes by Listed It Myself, LLC, at their sole discretion and without asking for further permission from the customer.